1. Does a body need protein?
Yes, protein is required for muscle growth and repair. Young developing bodies
especially need protein.

2. How much protein is needed?
According to many studies an active athlete needs 0.7-0.9 grams per kgm of your body daily.

3. What are the benefits of taking Tru Prodigy?
Protein and vitamins are essential to the growth, energy and repair. Athletes need more
of these essentials to build and help the recovery that is broken down during exercise.

4. Will my protein shake lose potency if pre mixed prior to drinking it?
No, but it will spoil if not properly stored in a cooler and consumed within a couple
of days.

5. When should I take Tru Prodigy Whey Protein?
There are three main times to consume protein. First thing in the morning, after a
workout/exercise, and before bed.

6. Is Whey Protein safe for kids?
Yes, as long as the whey protein is natural with no additives and fillers. Whey protein
contains all of the essential amino acids to help improve body composition and
enhance athletic ability.