Fuel for the youth and teen athlete – that’s what Tru Prodigy provides. Each scoop provides 20 grams of protein through our whey protein complex and unique vitamin blend.

In combination with exercise, Tru Prodigy whey can support muscle repair and recovery after a workout as well as help build and mantain muscle by reducing muscle breakdown. Simply put, go ahead and train hard, and Tru Prodigy will help pack on muscle and keep it on.

At Tru Nutrition Rx, we work closely with doctors, athletic trainers and formulators. Tru Prodigy brings targeted nutrition and bridges the gaps that may occur in the needs of the young athlete.

  We also want to mention some of the special things that make Tru Prodigy an elite comprehensive supplement. Each serving contains essential nutrients in our vitamins and mineral blend that helps various roles in the body.

  • Vitamin D3, calcium and magnesium to help to support bone density
  • B vitamins to support energy demands of the growing body
  • Vitamin C and zinc to help support a healthy immune system.